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"Dare to discover the magic of Morocco with us"

Who we are?

There are many ways to enter Africa, but no gateway is as unique in its geographic and cultural history as Morocco. Located just a few miles south of Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, Morocco’s vast deserts and lush forests have been occupied by everyone from the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Berbers, and the Romans, to the Arabs, Jews, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. Thanks to that ever-changing cultural landscape, Morocco is today a modern country with an undying appreciation of traditional life ways.

Morocco’s bustling cities are a delight to the senses. The narrow streets that crisscross its old medinas create a labyrinth of unique sights, sounds, smells, and textures in which tourists can bargain for a colorful souvenir, savor a traditional meal or sweet pastry, or lounge in the legacy of the Roman Empire by visiting a hammam, Morocco’s version of a spa. And like its many historic occupiers, tourists will be inspired to venture out on Moroccan mythic trans-Saharan caravan routes, passing through steep mountain ranges, fertile valleys, and immense sand dunes on the way to the glistening sand beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

It is little wonder cinematographers have often chosen Morocco as the backdrop for their stories, but only a tour operator like Marruecos Aventuras (Moroccan Adventures) can place you in a real-life scene as alluring and make you part of the action.

Moroccan Adventures was founded with that goal in mind. We wanted to create an exotic but socially responsible tourism experience in which tourists could survey a wide variety of sites while experiencing the warmth and hospitality of the Moroccan people.  By building our tours around specific themes, participants can not only enjoy a unique holiday, they can learn a new skill, enhance an existing one, or contribute some of their own areas of expertise to the locals.  Not sure which program works best for you? Come and meet with us so that we can tailor a multifaceted Maghreb adventure to your liking.

Our ultimate goal is to make travel an experience as beneficial for the sightseer as it is for the host community. We at Morocco Adventures believe solidarity tourism is an incredible tool of sustainable community development because community involvement in tourism can reinforce traditional life ways, protect the environment, and promote gender equality and cross-cultural communication. In fact, most of Morocco Adventures staff is made up of local tour operators and community development experts living and working in the communities where our tours operate.

La Kasbah Solidarity Trips

Morocco Adventures is member of La Kasbah, an association of young professionals from the desert city of Erfoud working to develop low-income communities by putting socially conscious travelers with communities into contact with the locals who most need their support.

Visits to schools, educational cooperatives, and community development sites are all integrated into our goal of uniting a spirit of adventure and curiosity with humanitarian values of cooperation and cultural exchange.  Our tour guides act as ambassadors by facilitating opportunities for locals to present and discuss their lifestyles, traditions, religions and worldviews. Plus, we always hire guides who enjoy sharing their own life stories and beliefs with the tourists they serve.

To travel is to know, and to know is to open one’s eyes, one’s mind, and one’s soul to the world and to humanity.




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